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EAI International Conference on Games fOr WELL-being

June 14–15, 2016 | Budapest, Hungary

GOWELL 2016 - June 14th  2016 





Opening remarks


I. Di Loreto, "Cultures of participation in the healthcare field: could a videogame-based perspective be useful? ?”(Keynote speaker)


Coffee Break


Technical Session 1

M. Ciman, O. Gaggi, “Exploiting users natural competitiveness to promote physical activity ”

W. Kopeć, K. Abramczuk, B. Balcerzak, M. Juźwin, K. Gniadzik, G. Kowalik, R. Nielek, “A Location-Based Game for Two Generations: Teaching Mobile Technology to the Elderly with the Support of Young Volunteers

K. Hald, H. Knoche, “Ring a bell? Adaptive Auditory Game Feedback to Sustain Performance in Stroke Rehabilitation

P. Perego, M. R. Guarneri, “Games and Gamification for Healthy Behaviours: The experience of PEGASO Fit 4 Future ”

D. De Felice, M. Granato, L. A. Ripamonti, M. Trubian, D. Gadia, D. Maggiorini, “Effect of different Looting Systems on the behavior of players in a MMOG: simulation with real data” (Invited)





F. Mantovani, “Games for Good: The Bright Side of Videogames” (Keynote speaker)


Coffee Break


Technical Session 2a


D. Villani, C. Rotasperti, P. Cipresso, S. Triberti, C. Carissoli, and G. Riva, “Assessing the emotional state of job applicants through a Virtual Reality simulation: a psycho-physiological study ”

J. Navarro, P. Escobar, A. Cebolla, J. F. Lisón, J. Á. Pitti, J. Guixerres, C. Botella, R. M. Baños, “Exergames on Line for Childhood Obesity: Using a Web Platform as an Ambulatory Program to Increase the Acceptance and Adherence to Physical Activity (PA))”

M. D. Vara, R. M. Baños, P. Rasal, A. Rodríguez, B. Rey, M. Wrzesien, M. Alcañiz, “A VR-based Serious Game to Regulate Joy in Adolescents: a Comparison of Different Devices

A. Dominguez-Rodriguez, E. Oliver, A. Cebolla, S. Albertini, L. Ferrini, A. Gonzalez-Segura, K. Kronika, T. Nilsen, C. Botella, R. Baños, “Serious games to teach Nutrition Education to children between 9 to 12 years old Pickit! & Cookit!!”

D. Villani, S. Serino, S. Triberti, G. Riva, “Ageing Positively with Digital Games” (Invited)


Technical Session 2b


H. Hlavacs, Rebecca Wölfle, K. Peters, D. Martinek, J. Kuczwara, F. Kayali, A. Reithofer, R. Mateus-Berr, B. Brunmair, S. Lehner, A. Lawitschka, “Usability and Fun of the INTERACCT Client” (Invited)

A. Cavallo, A. Robaldo, F. Ansovini, I. Carmosino A. De Gloria, “Gamification of a System for Real Time Monitoring of Posture” (Invited)

E. J. Schek, F. Mantovani, O. Realdon, J. Dias , A. Paiva , S. Schramm-Yavin, R. Pat-Horenczyk, “Positive Technologies for Promoting Emotion Regulation abilities in Adolescents

M. C. Carruba, “Technology for well-being at school. App iNclusion by CeDisMa: a support for teachers to teach inclusively, for students to really learn.

L. Milani, S. Ambrosioni, P. Di Blasio, “Interacting With Videogames In Adolescence: Effects Of Graphic Visualization On Perceived Presence And Visuospatial Competences


Closing remarks